Lotions & Potions part4 Lavender

Lavender (lavendula angustifolis) – Lavender oil is known for its sedative actions. It also makes a good inhalant for sinusitis and it has a soothing, antiseptic action on irritated skin conditions. So what better remedy ingredient to use in our bath bomb mixture. As the lavender flower is not out yet, we used dried lavender flowers and lavender essential oil. The children weighed out the sodium bicarbonate and citric acid and mixed them together. Then they added the colour, essential oil and dried flowers. Next I sprayed a small amount of water onto the mixture while they crumbled the mixture with their hands, until they got a texture like damp sand. Then we had fun filling the butterfly and ball moulds, which were then gently tapped out onto some tissue paper and left to dry. I hope they all tried them out in the bath later that day, once home. I bet they went to bed calm and relaxed!