Lotions & Potions Kids Herbal Workshop

Despite the recent weather, Summer is approaching and one of the first signs of Summer is the blooms of Elderflowers & wild roses just starting to fill our hedgerows with colour and scent. Just in perfect time for my Lotions & Potions kids herbal workshop, which was a great success. Thank you to all the budding young alchemists, witches and wizards who took part. I am sure most of us remember as children the fun times we had making up potions in the back yard, with anything that we found growing. Taking great delight in mixing the ingredients with water, smelling the mixture, then leaving it in its jar until it all turned brown and slimy. Well this workshop showed the children (and their parents) which plants can be made safely into useful potions and the children took home recipes of their particular potion, so as it make more at home. There was a choice of lavender bath bombs, rose cough syrup, daisy bruise ointment or elderflower drink to make and take home. Take a look at the following sections to this workshop to see the potions being made.