Birch tapped

Early this morning I went to check on my birch tree. Wow I had collected about 2.5ltrs. Now it was time to thank the tree for all its wonderful, healing sap that it had shared and remove the tap and plug it up with a bung. I used a great little tapping kit brought from . It comes with a turned oak tap and bung. The bung should be left in until late April, then it can be removed so that you have a bung for next Spring if you wish to tap another tree. Once the tree is bunged up I head home, eager to taste the sap. It is delicious! It is like drinking from a fresh spring but with a hint of sweetness. Even the dog enjoyed some. We all had a glass and the rest I have put in the freezer to save for my Spring herbal medicine day workshop that I am running on 22nd March. After drinking the sap I felt energised and full of the joys of spring for the rest of the day!