Spring workshop 2015 part3

: When we get back to the house we go into the filed to dig up yellow dock (rumex crispus), dandelion (taraxacum officinalis) and burdock (arctium lappa) roots. Between them they have blood cleansing, lymphatic, liver, bitter, laxative and diuretic actions. A great combination for a spring detox. As with all plants, its important to know what the plant you are harvesting looks like and where it grows. When you come to dig up roots, like burdock, its important to know that you have the correct plant as come spring it will be hard to see where the plant is located as nothing of it is showing yet. I always mark out where the plant is in the summer/autumn when it is in full growth. The roots need to be clean and dry. So they need a good wash and then left to dry. Once dry they can be chopped up ready to be put in your fresh spring tincture. Below are some photo’s of nettles, cleavers, dandelion roots and yellow dock roots being prepared and made into a tincture.