Lotions & Potions part 3 Rose cough syrup

Rose (Rosa spp.) – for this potion you need to pick the petals from the wild rose, of which there are several types, and fragerant garden roses. Obviously do not use roses which have been sprayed. This cough medicine tastes like Turkish delight and its wonderful to watch the remedy turn from a clear liquid to deep pink liquid as you make it. This remedy is prepared in the workshop but continued at home, where you remove the old faded petals and replace them with fresh petals, for about 2 weeks. Then it is ready. The more pinker your added petals are, the deeper the end results are. This sweet, tasty medicine is great for children with dry, tickly coughs. The children fill their jars with rose petals, then simply add the right ratio of glycerine( I use a plant based glycerine) to water and then leave for up to two weeks, adding new petals every few days, before straining and bottling.