What is herbal medicine?

herbalwaysHerbal Medicine is the oldest form of medicine and was, at one time the dominant healing therapy throughout the world. It is only since the end of the nineteenth century that orthodox medicine became the dominant form of treatment in the west. Interestingly the majority of medicines prescribe by orthodox doctors were initially extracted and prepared from herbs, although nowadays these medicines tend to be synthetic chemicals. It is on the long and continuous history of herbs as medicine, together with the knowledge taken from modern scientific research, that today’s Herbalism is based.

Herbal Medicine is an holistic approach to health, it takes into account a patients lifestyle, nutritional needs, past history of illness and family history of illness.

With the help of herbs, either in tincture, dried form or capsules, and nutrition and lifestyle advice, Herbal Medicine encourages the individual towards better health. Herbal Medicine is a safe medicine and it treats everybody, young and old.